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AMANZI (a-marn-zee) meaning water in Zulu, is an Australian sports swimwear company specialising in Chlorine Resistant Training Swimwear for competitive and active swimmers. AMANZI was created to satify the needs of the fashion forward athlete with designs that are functional and highly durable. AMANZI believes swimwear is not just something you swim in, it should also be a reflection of your unique style and personality. With this in mind AMANZI have combined fashionable prints with functional styles so that you can feel comfortable and secure in your swimsuit and look great. AMANZI sponsors a talented group of athletes from all over the world known as the AMANZI Girls and the AMANZI Guys. The AMANZI atheletes include Olympic swimmers and triathletes as well as Junior World Champions. So whether you're an Olympian, a junior or just swim for fun AMANZI Swimwear has a swimsuit for you!



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